Create, Manage, Monitor & Analyze All of Your Contracts

Contract Management
  • Manage sales contracts and supplier subcontracts
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Fully customizable alert system

Our system allows you to add unlimited sales contracts and supplier subcontracts. You can tie supplier subcontracts to multiple sales contracts and set up milestones and deliveries independently as subcontracts, which can be delivered as per agreements in portions. Every partner in your supply chain is not created equal. Their performance associated with pricing, delivery lead-times, support, quality control and product mix varies throughout the course of every season and cycle. We can serve as your supply chain management scorecard.

CLEAR provides you with the ability to fully manage your entire fulfillment process with a limited staff. We also allow you to see the bigger picture for every step of your operational downstream. Our reporting allows you to graph and download data in multiple formats. CLEAR gives you the power to fully see and understand all of your companys contract strengths and weaknesses so you can enhance your supply chain strengths and minimize your weakness dependencies. It is critical to know where things are likely to break so that you can focus and take proactive actions instead of having to react and make excuses.

With CLEAR you will be able to improve your on-time delivery, pricing and quality of your products. You will be viewed by your customers as a solid, dependable business partner and consequently a preferred business partner. CLEAR will also help you seamlessly grow without many of the management difficulties that naturally occur when increasing the quantity and magnitude of your contracts.