Instant Automated Client Alert System

  • Customizable alerts to users' email and mobile phones
  • Alerts help you manage your deliverables and supplier obligations
  • Schedule as many alerts as your company needs

A key aspect of managing your supply chain is understanding how specific partners are performing on open contracts. Our automated alert system allows all of your registered users to instantly access agreed upon terms with your partners. Users create alerts ranging from important client contract milestones to raw goods delivery dates and schedule them for delivery to email addresses and cell phones of all appropriate users.

A high volume of open contracts can leave your establishment susceptible to inaccuracies and delayed responses that depend on a partner updates and order fulfillment. Our alerting system provides a tool for you to be proactive by checking order statuses at the times important to your company's contractual obligations. Once you create a client or vendor contract, you can set up alerts at any time, and update them as you see fit, helping you organize, manage and stay on top of your business.