Currency Contract Management & Reporting

Currency Services
  • Real-time currency quotes for your foreign currency contracts
  • Alert system on critical currency movements
  • Able to view your exposed currency risks due to overseas sales contracts as well as covered positions
  • Manage all currency contracts
  • Complete web-based and downloadable reporting

CLEAR is your all-in-one foreign currency transaction management platform. Once you have entered the data fields specified on our currency contract page, our automated system will begin the tracking and real-time monitoring from the initiation of the contract to the completion. Further, based on your sales contract specifications, CLEAR will monitor all of your exposed risk from the moment you enter your sales data into CLEAR.

With CLEAR you will be able to analyze the relative risk associated with any sales contract and monitor that risk real-time. You will be able to set risk parameters and custom alerts when you feel you need to be notified about one or more of your key risk parameters. With CLEAR you can manage your risk from home or the office or anywhere in between as you can receive alerts on your mobile phone and view real-time quotes and how that affects your profit and loss real-time on your mobile device as long as it has web access. Further, you can use CLEAR powerful reporting tools to analyze current and past sales contract currency risk exposure and well as look at historic volatility for each currency you have selected to better determine your risk reward relationship for each sales contract or all contracts currently in the process of fulfillment. You can even use our tools to better assess where it is most profitable with respect to your risk reward ratios to solicit contract sales going forward.