Foreign Currency Contracts Made Manageable

Currency Contracts
  • Tie currency contracts to sales contracts and subcontracts
  • The flexibility to tie a currency contract to more than one sales contract and even subcontracts
  • The ability to encapsulate the total risk associated from all of the currency elements that make up your combined risk exposure on each and every contract or aggregate and assessments for all open sales contracts combined

CLEAR understands that currency rate fluctuations can present significant management challenges. Managing currency risk can be painful to say the least. CLEAR allows you to enter any and all currency trades and forward information. You can select the exact sales contract or multiple sales contracts that you are supporting with your currency trade. Further, you can even tie specific subcontracts for raw goods deliveries, etc. that must be made in order for you to meet your deliverables. All this is tied together so you can manage and later analyze all of your currency risk control processes.

Within sales contracts you specify the agreed fixed pricing and currency at the time of the contract agreement. You can also specify one or more base currencies and the percentage of each currency. This allows you to track your exact risk exposure when making a sales contract, as you can monitor both the risk associated to your base currency as well as the base currency of every raw goods supplier for which you must accept the currency risk. This allows you a much more accurate cost and risk breakdown for every sales contract. At CLEAR we believe knowledge is extremely powerful and very profitable to have. CLEAR gives you critical currency exposure knowledge that will help you manage and analyze your complex business.