Real-time Currency Quotes

Live Quotes
  • Live currency quotes tied to your exposed and unexposed risk
  • CLEAR receives up to a million currency quotes an hour and updates you every second
  • Over 1,300 currency pairs to select from

CLEAR gives you 15 currency pairs with the ability to add currency pairs as your business necessitates at a nominal rate. All our services will apply for each of these currency pairs that you select. You can change the currency pairs as you see fit as long as you stay within the number of currency pairs you have purchased.

When you log into your account, you will have quick, easy access to our customized quotes screen which allows you to view actual movement live as the quotes come in from around the world. You can see how all your currency contracts are performing in any currency you have chosen. You can also see how your total exposed risk is performing in whatever base currency you select. CLEAR allows you to do real-time accounting on your contract risk and total exposed risk, giving you total transparency at all times.